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When I was a child my parents took us regularly to Capri, Italy. Capri was also the major hang-out for the Monaco princess family. My Mom took a gorgeous photograph of Princess Grace Kelly walking down Ana Capri with her two children. When I saw that photo I thought that is was so beautiful I wanted to take photographs like that. Of course photography was always a part of our family life because there was a lot of artistry and a lot of painting; the brother of my fathers side and then one day my Uncle Heini (Mom's half brother who was an "Oblaten" monk (part of the Franciscan order) actually became a photojournalist and he went everywhere, met Mother Teresa in India and spent enormous times in Africa. He worked for the monthly news magazine of his Monastery and when I was 12 or 13 I was allowed to help him in the dark room. I was just fascinated by developing prints on real photo paper in trays as well as actual film. Later in a liberal German Gymnasium I had an art teacher who studied under Joseph Beuys through this art teachers' encouragement I travelled with a camera to Israel, Morocco, Spain, Greece and France and more. At sixteen I had my first publications of my photos and my first paid portrait sessions.


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